Pokemon Pikachu 3d Printed Lanyard


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Product Specification:

Pokemon Pikachu 3d Specification are as follows

Material: PVC Plastic

Style: Pikachu card cover long lanyard

Card Holder Size: 110*70mm

Product Details:

Pokemon Pikachu 3d Cartoon cardholder had cute and funny. It had easy to use. It can be put in bags and pockets, etc. This card lanyard can use as a business card holder, ID card holder, credit card buckle, and so forth. The key point of this product has to highlight the brand image and logo for all kinds of companies or events! The Pikachu Cartoon Card Lanyard has a cute and great way to keep your favorite card secure. Although Made with quality material, it had smooth edges that will not cause any irritation to your neck when worn. Tired of worrying about your phone being lost or damaged? Walmart pokemon cards This cute Pikachu lanyard can hold your ID cards as well as your key so you don't have to carry your wallet around with you anymore. Pikachu had small, chubby, cute, and mouse-like.

However, Featuring a long anti-lost design, it can be easy to install on your bag or keychain for convenient use. You can also give it to your friends as a gift or collect them for yourself. Let your lanyard be more cute and lovely with this Pokemon Pikachu 3d emon cards cover long lanyard! It has specially designed for people who are crazy about cute stuff. Also, it had made of high-quality material, very durable. Similarly Being a long lanyard, its length could be adjusted freely according to your preference, so that it can be put on your neck or tucked into your bag easily. This had a perfect Pikachu cardboard cover lanyard. They have long yellow ears that are tipped with black. A Pikachu's back has two brown stripes, and its large tail had notable for being shaped like a lightning bolt.


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Pokemon Pikachu 3d Printed Lanyard