Introducing our T-Shirt for the life is hard enough for Honey Stronghold living for a second time in Pokemon. Not to mention having this second life based off of a character she created with her friend. Well here comes Honey and her journey in Pokemon in Galar before Leon becomes champion. This T-Shirt has made from 100% high quality, breathable cotton so you can wear it all day long and it’s sure to keep you cool and comfortable all season long. Whether you’re a fan of the Pokemon series or just want to show support for your favorite team, this T-shirt is perfect for you.

It features a novel that revolves around a boy who seeks revenge on an evil crime organization for their evil and heinous crimes, as well as wanting to be the next Pokemon master. Plus, it comes with all the gym badges you need to become a powerful pokemon master! Our protagonist, is someone from real earth who got sent into the Pokemon Universe (gen 1-8), out of nowhere his soul got summoned by Arceus into Hall Of Origin by mistake, as a make up by Arceus which cannot return MC to his real world, MC was given a gift by the Pokemon God itself. The T-Shirt has made of 100% cotton and has a soft and comfortable fit. It’s perfect for anyone who loves pokemon and wants to show it off!