If you’re looking for a soft, cozy and stylish hoodie, look no further than our MC’s favorite item: the pokemon hoodie! Made from 100% recycled materials, this hoodie is perfect for staying warm on those chilly winter days or taking your style up a notch on a hot summer day. Plus, it comes in a variety of fun colors to choose from! You know what’s sucky about a regular hoodie? They only come in one color: white or that yellowish-white that reminds us of the teeth of an avid coffee drinker.

What fun is that kind of hoodie? We’ll answer that: NO FUN AT ALL. You know what is fun? Using the pokemon hoodie to cast a sickly green glow over your face while telling a zombie story around a campfire. No campfire? Make a fake one with the orange light! Looking for a stylish and comfortable way to raise powerful Pokemon? Look no further than our Hoodies! These stylish, comfortable hoodies are perfect for anyone who wants to live a lazy. With all he wants to do is raise powerful Pokemon. But before he could do that in the new Pokemon game, he died. Now reincarnated into the Pokemon world, he decides to live the lazy, leisurely lifestyle he always wanted.