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Pokemon Cards For Sale Specification are as follows

Material: Nylon + Alloy

Style: Pikachu White Long Bracelet Neck Strap

Size: 45*2.5cm

Product Details:

Pokemon Cards For Sale White Long Bracelet Neck Strap Phone Designed for fans, this White Long Neck Strap Phone Keys ID Card Holder Lanyard has made of soft silicone material, comfortable to wear and touch. It features a mini pocket for money and other small items. The strap can use to hold a cell phone or keys so that you will never miss any important calls or lose your keys when attending events. The long strap lanyard is the perfect solution for hands-free usage. You can find a variety of items to put on this lanyard, such as your phone, keys, and credit cards. The strap length is perfect to wear in many different ways, such as hanging around the neck, shoulder, and waist. The curious little mouse with lightning bolt-shaped tails has become one of the most popular characters in all of gaming. Be like and catch some Pokémon! is a fictional creature called an "Electric Mouse," but when he's not exploring the world and saving it from Team Rocket

However, This Pikachu white long neck strap phone holder from Pokemon is the perfect gift for any true fan. This phone holder comes in the form of an acute who will hold your phone and keys with his long arms. With this product, you will never be late to that important call, text, or game again. The long neck strap has a convenient lanyard with a compact lightweight design and long string, which can be hung around the neck and hold your ID card, mobile phone, or keys. It has a soft touch on one side and a small pocket on the other. And wherever Cards For Sale goes, his trademark electricity follows—making him a fun addition to any game


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