Pikachu Enamel Cute Pins Pokemon Badge For Clothes


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Pikachu Enamel Cute Pins Specification are as follows

Material: Zinc Alloy

Style: Pikachu Enamel Cute Pins

Size: 3.2 cm * 2.9 cm

Product Details:

This Pikachu Enamel Cute Pins Pins Badge is a great gift for your friends or collectors. It has made of enamel material, which makes it more durable. You can use it as a pin or badge for clothes. This cute pokemon enamel pin Pikachu enamel pin badge has designed to be attached to your clothes, bags, and other accessories. It comes with a butterfly clasp, so you can easily attach it to whatever you like. Super cute pin badge, teddy bear design, vivid color. Only the highest quality badge with a special butterfly clasp on the back to make it easy to attach to your clothes or bags. love being cuddled and having their tails rubbed, especially at the base. They also like being stroked. In the wild, Pikachu Enamel Cute Pins live in groups deep within the forests of Kanto. They are wary of humans and they greet one another by sniffing each other’s tails.

This pin badge is a great way to show your support for the amazing Pokemon Pikachu. It is the perfect gift for anyone who loves as you do or those who wish to add a cute and adorable item to their collection. These pins have made of zinc alloy, not sharp, not easy to damage the cloth, but also with rust-resistant processing. The badge has a unique style, and you can use it as a badge to decorate clothes or packages. It is easy to use because it only sticks to clothes with a magnet. However, if threatened or angered, these pokemon collectors' pins can be quite aggressive. If someone pulls or steps on its tail, it is most likely that it will bite or shock anyone in the area, including the one who pulled its tail.


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Pikachu Enamel Cute Pins Pokemon Badge For Clothes