Pokemon Detective Pikachu Plush Toy For Kids


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Product Specification:

Pokemon Detective Pikachu Specification are as follows

Material: Soft Plush

Style: Detective Pikachu Plush

Size: 28cm

Color: Yellow

Product Details:

This Pokemon Detective Pikachu soft toy is a perfect gift for your child. In accordance with the official design, 28cm long and very soft material, a super cute plush toy from the movie Detective Pikachu. Detective Pikachu is back, and he’s even bigger than before. This soft plush toy of Detective Pikachu is ideal as a gift, or as a soft toy for kids and adults alike. In fact, it’s so popular that one of the original creators of Detective Pikachu. They are now working on a new game starring the character. It has commissioned this giant 28cm plush toy making it oversized compared to other toys in its range. Pokemon Pikachu Plush Toy is the perfect gift for any Pokemon fan! This plush toy is a great collector's item and beautiful decoration, as well as an awesome pillow or pillow friend.

This pokemon plush is from the movie and has made of soft, huggable plush fabric. We have searched the whole world to find a plush toy of the perfect size for your child. This Pikachu is a great stuffed animal for cuddling if your child loves Pokemon Detective Pikachu. Pokemon Detective Pikachu 28cm Plush Toy for Kids or just wants an awesome-looking plushie, we think this would be the perfect addition to any room. The pure white fur looks soft and furry, we love how all of the furs is attached directly to his body, rather than sewn onto cloth which gives it a really really feel. Pikachu is a small, rodent-like Pokémon that has short and yellow fur with brown ears and black eyes. It has a long tail which is tipped by a lightning bolt shape


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Pokemon Detective Pikachu Plush Toy for Kids pokemonlogo buy online
Pokemon Detective Pikachu Plush Toy For Kids