Pokemon Snorlax Plush Cap Adult Size Stuffed Doll


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Product Specification:

Pokemon Snorlax Plush Specification are as follows

Material: Plush

Style: Snorlax Plush Cap

Size: 31-20cm

Color: Green

Product Details:

Pokemon Snorlax Plush Cap Adult size Stuffed Doll is a brand new and high-quality product. It's great for play or collection! is a giant, sleepy and lazy Pokémon that does not move often. But when its alarm rings, it attacks anything that moves to prevent it from waking up. This Pokemon Plush Cap is the new arrival plush toy with had shape and big horns on the head. It is well known for its lazy nature. It will eat as much as it wants and never move from its slothful spot. When unprovoked, it will not care about anything around it. However, if provoked, this Pokémon will smash the opponent with its huge body. Pokemon Plush Cap Adult size Stuffed Doll Toy Soft Cute Doll! It is perfect for Pokemon fans, collectors, and kids. Do visit the store to see more related products

If you love Pokemon, you will love this soft toy! Suitable for many kinds of occasions like birthdays, graduation, or Christmas! Snorlax is the ideal friend to have around. You can play with your Pokemon Snorlax Plush Cap Adult size Stuffed Doll whenever you feel sad, lonely, or bored to get rid of a bad mood. Or, you can use it as decoration on your bed or sofa. This Pokemon plush cap adult size stuffed doll is a great gift for birthdays, Christmas, and any other special events. The Snorlax is one of the most popular characters in Pokemon. This lovely Plush is perfect for your Pokemon fan or collector! It's soft and cuddly and measures about 10 inches tall. Pikachu also greet one another by shocking them and sometimes they'll gather up in big groups to search for Thunderstones so they can evolve


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