Pokemon Red Hat Knitted Winter Moving Ears Plush


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Product Specification:

pokemon red hat Specification are as follows

Material: Wool

Style: Pikachu Red Knitted Cap

Size: Approximate head

Color: Red

Product Details:

pokemon red hat knit woolen winter ear plush with soft wool earflaps and it's so cute. It is suitable for cosplay or daily wear and can keep you warm on cold days. Pikachu plush with ears. This red hat features three yellow Loops to look like a lightning bolt earring and the face has embroidered with white embroidery. The outside of the red and yellow has stitched with the black lettering "LETS RIDE" with yellow thread. Pikachu keeps you warm during cold days and nights This is the perfect addition to any pokemon red hat fan's wardrobe. You can wear it in the house or out in public - this will keep you warm and look great in any situation! This is a comfortable winter. It's an exclusive design, so don't miss this chance to grab one!

Pikachu ears are back and they're cuter than ever! This hat features soft, warm wool that's perfect for winter. The ears stand up on their own and look adorable when wrapped around your head. You will surely be hit with this cute and fun Pikachu! This plush cap has made out of red woolen fabric, perfect for winter. Knitted ears are attached to the sides, which makes this so much fun! Plush Pokemon Earmuffs will keep your ears warm and make you feel very cozy. Even though it is stuffed with soft plush cotton, it is still very warm and not at all cloying. The perfect gift for any Pokemon Fan. However, if threatened or angered, this Pokémon can be quite aggressive. If someone pulls or steps on its tail, it is most likely it will bite or shock anyone in the area


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Pokemon Pikachu Red Knitted Winter Moving Ears Hat Plush For kids pokemonlogo buy online
Pokemon Red Hat Knitted Winter Moving Ears Plush