Pokemon Enamel Pins Pink Haunter For Lapel Gift


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pokemon enamel pins Specification are as follows

Material: Zinc Alloy

Style: Pink Haunter Enamel Pin

Size: 1 inch * 1.4 inch

Color: Pink

Product Details:

The pokemon enamel pins have a metal lapel pin designed to look like a Haunter. This enamel pin has been produced in limited quantities by Rotten T-Shirt and only 100 has created. The Pink Haunter Enamel Pin has made of metal and measures 1.1" by 1". When you want a pokemon enamel pin with a soft enamel finish, we got your back! This enamel pin has made of high-quality material and can use as lapel pins or bag clips. Are you always the life of the party? Combining the weird and wonderful with a dash of spooky, our Pink Haunter Enamel Pin will make your next costume party extra special. This pin has made out of high-quality hard enamel and plated with gold. Although it has a brown tip has almost always forgotten. Pikachu has short arms with five tiny fingers on their forehands and three sharp fingers on their hind legs. Black tips on their ears, a brown stripe down the middle of their back, and a lightning bolt-shaped tail

However, The red, blue, black, and white colors also bring out the best on this cute-themed pin. The pin comes with 2 butterfly clutches on the back so it will stay nice and secure on any lapel or hat. Haunter has a Ghost-type of pokemon singles that can find only in the deep darkness of caves. In the daytime. It disappears into another dimension, where it absorbs energy from the feelings of terror experienced by people in the real world. When exposed to psychic power or sudden fear, Haunters have been said to appear from this dimension and create illusions like themselves to scare humans. Pikachu is small, chubby, and cute mouse-like. They are covered in yellow fur, with two red cheek pouches.


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