Pokemon TCG XY-Evolutions Booster Display


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Pokemon TCG Specification:

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Material: Paper

Style: Booster Pack

Size: 8.8*6.3cm

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XY-Evolutions is full of great Pokémon-EX, including 3 new Pokémon BREAK cards! These Pokémon provide great bonuses to their respective types and come with high-powered attacks. So, The Pokémon TCG: XY-Evolutions expansion includes: 3 Full-art foil promo cards featuring Mega Kangaskhan, Mega Salamence, and Mega Slowbro 12 Pokémon-EX (including 3 new Pokémon BREAK featuring Mega Blaziken, Mega Scizor, and Mega Swampert) About anime: anime is a Japanese term which refers to all forms of animated media. So, Anime is heavily influenced by Japanese folklore and Shinto mythology. The name "anime" is the romanized version of the original Japanese term for animation. So, The pronunciation differs depending on the local language. In Japanese, the term refers to all forms of animation from around the world.

In English, it refers specifically to animation from Japan or as a Japanese-disseminated animation style often characterized by colorful graphics, vibrant characters and fantastical themes. So, It focuses on the exploits of Ash's childhood friend, Serena, who journeys throughout the Kalos region in her quest to become a top coordinator just like her mother, Grace. She is accompanied by her starter Pokémon, Fennekin, who she received from Professor Sycamore, and her new friends, including her childhood rival, Shauna, and her little brother, Trevor. The series aired in Japan from October 17, 2013 to July 12, 2017. The series premiered on Cartoon Network in the United States on March 17, 2014 and ended on February 2, 2018. With Anime you can access a huge variety of different products with just a few clicks. So, Anime makes it easy for you to find products from suppliers all over the world and instantly add them to your own online store. This is a booster display of 60 x XY-Evolutions packs. So, The Pokemon TCG XY-Evolutions expansion contains over 110 cards.


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Pokemon TCG XY-Evolutions Booster Display