Pokemon Gold Card New Boutique Boxed


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Pokemon Cards Specification:

Pokemon Gold Card Specification are as follows

Material: PVC

Style: Gold Card

Size: 8.8cm*6.5cm

Product Details:

In the Pokemon TCG Gold & Silver expansion, the first cards with double resistance will appear. These Pokemon are capable of taking more damage before they have Knocked Out. The Gold & Silver expansion includes more than 110 new Pokemon, including new Pokemon-ex like Arcanine, Slowking, and Tyranitar! With exciting new Pokemon, a spectacular array of Trainer cards, and a great way to play with friends or by yourself, the Pokemon TCG: Gold & Silver expansion is guaranteed to be fun for every Pokemon fan! With these new powerful cards in your deck, you'll be a force to reckon with. Pokemon Gold Card New Boutique! This box contains two packs of cards, plus a Pokemon Gold Game Boy. The new Pokémon Gold card set includes 151 different cards, including rare and legendary cards.

You can trade these cards in your game once you get them. A new set of Pokemon cards featuring the Gold & Silver sets. This is the new release of the original Pokémon Trading Card Game. The Pokémon TCG: Gold & Silver—Natures Vary! expansion includes over 110 cards, including a special Electrode promo card, and 6 Pokémon coin replicas! This has a card game produced by the Japanese company Nintendo. It has played by two or more people who use their own deck of 60 cards. The players place their Pokemon on the playing field and use their Pokemon's special powers to weaken their opponent's Pokemon. The purpose of the game is to have all of one's Pokemon knocked out by one's opponent. The game has adapted into a television series and has also spawned a number of video games. The gold card! This is the new Gold Boutique edition of the Pokemon Cards. The gold card is a special card that is always included in each booster box.


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New Boutique Boxed Pokemon Gold Card buyonline
Pokemon Gold Card New Boutique Boxed