Pokemon Pikachu Plush Cap Adult Size Stuffed Doll


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Product Specification:

Pokemon Pikachu Plush Specification are as follows

Material: Plush

Style: Pikachu Plush Cap

Size: 31-20cm

Color: Yellow

Product Details:

Pokemon Pikachu Plush Cap Adult size Stuffed Doll. This Pokemon Plush Cap Adult size Stuffed Doll is a great gift for all Pikachu fans. It is cute and soft, very cuddly. The size of the plush hat is from 31 cm to 21 cm. The Plush Cap is a soft and cuddly stuffed doll that has been made with a very high standard of quality. This adorable toy has themed on one of the most famous Japanese anime series. Although It has also known as Pocket Monsters or Electric Mouse. This is a Pikachu Plush Hat. It's an officially licensed product and it has designed for adults. However, if threatened or angered, this can be quite aggressive. If someone pulls or steps on its tail, it is most likely it will bite or shock anyone in the area. Including the one who pulled its tail.

However, This item features a patented soft material that makes it attractive to kids and any other fan. Plush Cap Adult size Stuffed Doll, X-Large. This plush cap has made of high-quality material, soft and comfortable to wear, it will protect your head in autumn and winter. Adjustable size fits most people. Great gift for kids and adults, suitable for men or women. If you like Pokemon Pikachu and like this hat, don't hesitate to buy one! This is an Official Plush Cap Adult size Stuffed Doll. It has made of high-quality material and very soft touch. Wear it to your next big party! This cap has a soft plush fabric that you can wear comfortably, and it is closeable to the back of the head with Velcro. In Kanto according to Ash in PJ035.


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