Pokemon Jigglypuff Short Lanyard Card Cover


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Product Specification:

Pokemon Jigglypuff Specification are as follows

Material: PVC Plastic

Style: Jigglypuff Short lanyard

Card Holder Size: 110*70mm

Product Details:

The Pokemon Jigglypuff card holder is a cute lanyard card that helps you avoid losing your cards. It was designed to make sure you never lose your card again! Perfect for holding passes, tickets, or other cards you need on-hand while out in public. Wear it around your neck and use the attached keychain to secure your belongings. It has not limited to just holding your gift cards! Pokemon Jigglypuff short is the perfect way to carry your ID, card, or keys in style. The circular buckle and strap make it adjustable and easy to put on. The cover closes magnetically so you won't lose any of the important things you carry around in it. The Short Lanyard is made of high-quality material and is soft to the touch. Pikachu, one of the most beloved best buy pokemon cards in the world, is a capable electric type with plenty of personality and energy. Do visit the store to check out more.

However, You will always be close to you with this card case! Throw your ID, credit cards, cash, and other small valuables inside, and then clip it to your jacket's buttonhole or belt loop. It'll even work as a replacement strap for your keys! Jigglypuff Short lanyard card cover Cute anti-lost card holders are a great way to keep important close by, such as student identification cards, library, gym memberships, and more. The soft material is comfortable to wear around your neck and the metal badge reel of makes it easy to remove or attach your ID. The humans all seem to get along great as well which is something I wish more movies would embrace as a possibility.


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Pokemon Jigglypuff Short Lanyard Card Cover