Pokemon Enamel Pins Cute Squirtle Badge For Clothes


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Product Specification:

Pokemon Enamel Pins Cute Specification are as follows

Material: Zinc Alloy

Style: Squirtle Enamel Cute Pins

Size: 2.8 cm * 3 cm

Product Details:

This Pokemon Enamel Pins Cute Badge is the perfect way to show off your love for your favorite character. It can atta ch to a shirt, coat, bags, backpack,s and more. And you can also decorate with a hat or scarf, backpack, etc. Cute and colorful Squirtle pinch badge. Squirtle, a Water-type, is a friend who likes to help people. It carries an empty water bottle on its back that it fills with water by dipping its tail in the water, waving its tail afterward to spray the contents around. This Squirtle enamel badge is perfect for your clothes and backpack. Although Cute and stylishly designed, these high-quality pins are a great gift for the fan in your life. These  Assorted Pins have a fine print backing with 2 rubber clamps which makes them easy to put on to any clothes or bags. Pikachu has a mouse-like ability to control electricity. It has generated a powerful electric shock from its cheeks.

However, Made of high-quality metal material, this Pokemon Squirtle Enamel Cute Badge is sturdy and durable in use. The badge features a Pokemon character Squirtle in a cute new design that will surely bring lots of fun to your life. It can be placed on hats, bags, clothes, etc. A great gift for friends who love it! This Squirtle enamel pin badge is designed for fans. The cute design and high-quality polished metal make it a great addition to your clothes and backpack Perfect for your backpack, coat, or lapel, this mini Squirtle can ride along wherever you go. The perfect size for your keys or to attach to a backpack or purse.


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