Pokemon Statues Pikachu Cosplay Sasuke Uchiha


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Pokemon Figure Specification:

Pokemon Statues Pikachu Specification are as follows

Material: PVC

Style: Figure

Size: 12CM

Product Details:

Pokemon Statues Pikachu Cosplay Sasuke Uchiha by anime is a statue of a Pikachu figure in the standing position. This is a statue of a Pikachu figure in the standing position. The length of the statue is about 7.5 inches tall and the length of the base is about 5 inches wide. So, This statue has hand-painted and made out of polystone. The bottom of the statue has a built-in magnet that allows you to place the statue on top of a surface. This statue also has a hole on the bottom that helps it stand straight on a surface. So, The overall size of this statue is about 9 inches long, 5 inches wide, and 7.5 inches tall. This base of this statue is about 5 inches wide and 3 inches tall.

So, The statue has covered in PVC, so it is waterproof and can clean easily with a dry cloth. This product has made of resin and measures 8.7 cm in height. The product arrived in a box with a removable cover. This cover has secured with a plastic hook. So, This cover has made of cardboard. The cover has decorated with images of the characters and text. This cover has glued to the cardboard box. The box has made of cardboard. So, This box contains the action figure of the Pokemon character Pikachu. The box has covered with cardboard paper. Inside the box, the product has covered with a protective film and has a plastic hook to keep it in place. So, The product has wrapped with a cloth and fastened with tape from all sides. This product was made on the basis of the characters from the anime series. So, Pokemon Statues Pikachu making the dream of having your own Pokémon come true, for many fans of the game, this is a dream come true.


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