Pokemon Pikachu Yellow Short Socks For Kids


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Product Specification:

Pokemon Pikachu Yellow Specification are as follows

Material: Cotton

Style: Pikachu Socks

Size: One Size

Color: Yellow

Product Details:

Pokemon Pikachu Yellow Short Socks for kids, these cute ankle socks will add some fun to your kids' wardrobe. They feature an adorable design of. Just pair these socks with any outfit for a pop of color and character, whether it's weekend wear or school apparel. Pokemon Pikachu Yellow short socks are the perfect socks for any fan. Dress your kids up in these adorable Pikachu Yellow Short Socks and they will look like they just walked out of their favorite cartoon. Pikachu Yellow Socks are perfect for your kid who loves them. These yellow short socks feature a yellow background with a Pikachu face. is a cute, yellow character with a lightning bolt tail that often works with Ash to battle other. These are the perfect addition to any wardrobe that's missing some fun colors. Do visit the store to see more related products.

These Pikachu Yellow Short Socks for kids are the perfect fun accessory for casual wear. Made of comfortable fabric, these socks are not only a great gift but also allow you to take your favorite character wherever you go. Kids love Pokemon Pikachu Yellow short socks. The perfect gift for kids who wear shoe sizes 5 - 9, these Yellow short socks will make a great addition to any wardrobe. Bring out your inner with these short socks. These yellow short socks feature the mascot on a black background, giving you a sharp look to go with any outfit. Made of high-tech materials for comfort. These socks are sure to keep your feet and toes feeling fresh, even after clocking in hours of playtime. A is a small, yellow Pokémon with black-tipped ears, a lightning bolt tail, and red cheeks.


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Pokemon Pikachu Yellow Short Socks For Kids