Pokemon Figures Eevee Ball Variant Toy Gift With Box


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Product Specification:

Pokemon Figures Eevee Specification are as follows

Material: ABS

Style: Eevee Figures Ball Variant Toy

Size: 8-13cm

Box Size: 23*18*10cm

Product Details:

Pokemon Figures Eevee Variant Toy Gift with Box has a unique collectible that has been inspired by the 20th Anniversary of the anime. comes with a total of six different for you to collect and display in the ball. Each comes in two different types evolution or pre-evolution. Similarly, The starting characters included in this set are Pikachu, Charmander, Bulbasaur, Squirtle, and. Pokemon Figures Ball Variant Toy has one of the most popular toys available on the market. It has made by Bandai Japan, a well-known and trusted brand. Although Pikachu has a Mouse type introduced in the first generation that evolves from Pichu. Although it Has electric sacs in its cheeks and when they are charged. Eevee are the cute-looking toys available with a ball. Do visit the store to see more related products

However, This toy would be great for any Eevee or other fan's collection. The -themed Ball variant figure comes with a mysterious round accessory that appears to morph into a Super Ball. The package includes 1 and 1 accessory. has one of the most popular Pokemon. This has made of high-quality materials and features a cute design. He has great as a gift for yourself or your friends. Packaged in a detailed gift box with a window display! So don't miss this chance! has a Normal-type that evolves into one of eight different through various methods. In the same way, It has been said to have the potential to evolve into an incredible when its bonds of friendship become the same as those it has made. But They are extremely intelligent and brave, always willing to help their trainers and others.


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Pokemon Eevee Figures Ball Variant Toy Gift with Box pokemonlogo buy online
Pokemon Figures Eevee Ball Variant Toy Gift With Box