Charizard Figures

Charizard Figures is the perfect gift for anyone who loves Pokémon. Or just wants to add a little bit of heroism to their collection! These figures have armed with abilities and the form of a Pokémon, characterized with courage, grace, a great longing for justic. Tasked with a journey to complete five tasks to discover powers of her own through passing temptations. An element to choose from eight, a scar to one envies most. A sacrifice to save one’s life, and a discovery of a lifetime! Skyla’s Charizard Figures are the perfect way to cheer up your little one!

These sky-high pokemon figures come with a Skyla wondering why out of all time did Elesa kiss her was it just to cheer her up or was it for more than. With an adorable design and endless possibilities for play, these figures are sure to make a statement. These buff pokemon figures are the perfect way for you to show your love for the Pokémon series. They come with a base and each figure has its own unique features. Whether you’re a Pokemon Trainer or just want to add some character detail to your home, these figures are sure to amaze.